We believe that the time and resources invested for early childhood development is the best investment which will last after our life on this planet. The right involvement at the right time can boost a child’s overall development. Childhood have a profound impact on our adult life. When children are loved, nourished, and cared for, in a safe and stimulating environment, they develop the skills they need to embrace opportunity and bounce back from difficulty. We believe that raising a child is a golden opportunity to leave an everlasting impression on this planet.

Your generous donation helps us in our below efforts to strengthen the Parent-Child relationship:

  • Awareness of Positive Parenting and Negative parenting
  • Organizing activities for less privileged parents and children
  • Encouraging pre-schools and schools to conduct Parent-Child involvement programs
  • Conducting ECD programs and sessions
  • Promoting ECD help centers
  • Promoting World Parenting Day awareness